Social Media Marketing for Tech Eshop

We created social media campaign and tested conversion rate

Cableworks has been active in electronics since 2015. Every day they undertake a new project based on new technologies. In 2018 they brought to Greece the 3D machines named Prusa. This particular company wanted to make its first attempt at extroversion offered by Social Media. So we started advertising with Facebook Ads. We’ve updated the page and are daily served by Facebook. The Facebook Remarketing-Retargeting process has already made its first sales and we expect the results of the six months.



  • Social Media Marketing for Tech Products Eshop.
  • Daily Posts with proper content in order to build a community
  • An increase in site traffic from social networks.
  • Increase product sales
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The first milestone was the competition analysis which was pretty easy in the greek market, since most of the tech eshops don’t take advantage of social media marketing power. Then we designed a campaign that was profitable for the eshop owner and gave us a huge advantage. Daily posts and community management made customers happy and the same time we build up trust with them. Remarketing and retargeting on products, especially the facebook catalog remarketing was a key factor for our success.

  • Attendance per month from social media increased
  • Local awareness brought new customers to the local market.
  • Catalog Remarketing helped the company sell goods that people didn’t buy with the first attempt.
  • We created a Social Media Marketing Funnel
  • Creating proper #hashtags helped us with branding and customers recognise the company’s logo
For the website has been developed convenient logical structure for a positive interaction with potential customers and to cover the greatest number of search phrases.
It was conducted A / B testing to select the optimal tariff plans and to find most conversional forms of  orders.
Due to the positive experience with search traffic, it was decided to launch an advertising campaign on Facebook